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Ok I recently installed an EMPI quick shifter into my 73 SB. Before I installed the shifter the origanal was very sloppy and loose. With the new shifter installed my Bug realy does not like going into third gear. It does not grind or anything it just feels like the linkage is binding or something. I can always remove the shifter and go back to a sloppy loose shifter but Im thinking there is something else wearing out. Any ideas?

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Your shift rod bushing is worn out or missing, the shift coupler may be sloppy and need replacing, your  trans mounts may also be worn out. These 3 areas are usually
where the, "I can't find third," live.

Start with the shift coupler under the back seat, they are normally overlooked during
regular maintenance because of their location.

The shift rod bushing is another overlooked item because it's also out of sight and is a lot harder to access and replace.

The trans mounts can also cause a shift problem by allowing the engine trans to sag in the rear creating just enough misalignment of the shift linkage to make the average
driver a little nuts.

Hope this helps,

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AMC: In addition to the great suggestions by Ainokea, will the "EMPI" shifter allow any lateral or fore and aft movement/adjustment? Sometimes it's a simple as nudging the hold-down plate a very small amount.


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Clancy's absolutely right. I just forgot about adjusting the stick itself. If I'm not mistaken, the Empi shifter is very similar to the Scat Drag Fast set up and lateral adjustment is very important for the correct shift pattern.

  If, however, you can't make the adjustment, check out the other proceedures and you'll find that somewhere in there lies the solution.

One more thought, everything must be perfect for these short throw shifters to work


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Thanks for your help I will try all of the above. I am in the middle of replacing the interior so now would be a good time to get the dirty stuff out of the way.