Topic: '67 beetle turn signals not working

So, first off, I should mention that I am a newbie in the VW maintenance world, so please excuse any stupid questions...  smile

I have been attempting to trace down the problem with these turn signals, and here is what I have learned so far:

- the hazards work fine, so I would assume at least that the bulbs & wiring to the bulbs are fine.
- I cleaned all the contacts of fuses, fuse holders, and all ground wires that I could find (one on steering wheel, one attached to rear of speedo)
- from reading the forums, I guess I might have a "9 pin box" problem?   but the weird thing is that the "box" is actually what looks like an aftermarket conversion, with a piece of lexan and two smaller boxes (relays?) attached to it.  I am linking to pictures below.
- when I turn on hazards, I can feel the top (blue) box clicking, but the bottom box doesn't ever click, even when activating the turn signals
- most wire colors are correct, but several have been changed (blue-green is actually blue, etc, etc);  I havn't traced all wire connections, since I was expecting one box for all these wires to connect to, not this funky thing that's actually there... 

so,  I am stumped on where to go from here.  I feel like it is possible that one of the two boxes (relays?) is bad, my guess would be the black one.  Before I go replacing parts on a vehicle that I am completely new to, I'd love to get some advice...  any help?




Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

I had a weird issue with my '68 Bug where the turn signals worked, but they wouldn't come on with the headlights... I went to my local auto-parts store and bought all new bus fuses and replaced them all. I figured that for $5.00 it was worth the attempt.

It worked...

Just a thought, and you never said whether or not you looked at those as a possible cause yet.

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Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

Wow. That blinker relay box set up looks nothing like what's on my '67. You're in uncharted territory there. I seem to remember that there's something funky about the '67 relay box, as I had to replace mine, and it was a bit pricey because of the year. Perhaps someone was trying to save some dough
when they replaced yours?

I'd start with a voltmeter. Find the lines going to the front blinkers, as you can trace those most
easily. Put on the emergency flashers (which are working, right?) and see what kind of voltage
they're getting, and from where. Then turn on the turn signals. Are you getting juice going to the
lights? If not, it's either the relay or the turn signal switch.

The turn signal must close some sort of a circut when it's on. Find the line coming from the swtich,
and test it's voltage. Is there voltage when you turn on the signal vs. when it's off? Then the box
has a problem.

hope that helps,


Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

You could always do a trial and error.  If you look on the relay it will have a number on it.  Take that and go to your local parts store and buy a replacement.  Relays of those type are cheap.  Probably no more than $3-5.  Swap them out just like they are and see what you have.  You didn't mention whether or not the signals worked before.  If they did, I would definately try the above method.

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Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

66vwowner wrote:

Relays of those type are cheap.  Probably no more than $3-5.

If you can find one for $5, please tell me where! smile

The '67 originally had  a 9 pin box, which does both the emergency blinkers and the turn signals. California Import is selling their reproduction of that box for $60.

If you have a later model bug, then they run about $6. I'm guessing that the previous owner of that
bug found a way to wire the emergency blinkers and turn signals separately using cheaper hardware,
and that one of those boxes is now failing.

Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

Where is Bookwus when you need him? He sold me an orginal turn signal switch for $5 and it still smile
That was about 4 years ago. I have had trouble with my turn signals since then and it was after paint. I have since painted my car twice and thought that cleaning the grounds real good and then using an ohm meter to check all the wiring, that would find my problem. NOT! The wiring was fine, funny thing was the lights and flasher worked without the grounds hooked up. I narrowed the problem down to the turn signal switch on the steering column. I was making contact on the left side and not on the right side. When I was trouble shooting the steering column the power wire to the switch broke, it was frayed. I touched it on the right side of the switch and the right turn signal worked and ditto for the left. I am little short on money presently so I decided to take the switch apart and try to fix it. Big mistake. The springs went flying and there two ball barings that go inside and wow that idea when down the toilet real fast. Now I have two toggle switches mounted on the left side of my steering wheel temporarily to work my turn signals until I can swing a switch with a lever.

Suggestion to you is to first get the correct turn signal switch and then check the whole system with an ohm meter to make sure all the wiring is working and no shorts. By the looks of your picture, someone tried to use a couple of cheap generic switches, and yes you can buy them for around 6-7 bucks. Voltage isn't a problem if you don't have a circuit.  I think the steering column lever switches wear out after time. By the way I know the lever switch is $54 but that is a lot when you are a substitute teacher and you didn't work part of the summer. I want to get a new one just to make sure it lasts longer.

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Re: '67 beetle turn signals not working

The 1967s had the 9-pin relay box for the turn signals and emergency flasher.  The double relay unit you have is the  aftermarket replacement sold by several suppliers.  You may or may not be able to replace the single non-functioning relay and may have to go back to original.  The relays themselves are probably fairly generic parts but finding an exact match may not be easy.

Original boxes are sometimes found at swap meets but I'm guessing you don't want to wait.  1966s used a similar 6-volt unit so if you find one, make sure you're getting the 12-volt unit.

Wolfsburg West - … 1953227BWW - has a custom made 9-pin box reproduction.  Expensive and hard to find parts are two of the pleasures of owning a 1967.

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