Topic: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

Ive just managed to get hold of a 'Thermadore Swampcooler' for my 62 ragtop bug,left hand drive :wink:

been trying to get one for right money for years,but i knew when i was after it that the supporting arm was missing and so was the sticker! :cry:
but it still needed getting as it was on a bug in Arizona :wink:  now will be in the U.K :wink:

So i need some info off of someone who's clued up about them! or can help!

Here goes,

What colours were they made in and is this colour of mine original? as it dont look like its been painted(see pics)?

Is there a way of getting one made or getting diagram or pic and sizes of the support arm that supports cooler to window bottem? can anyone  help with measurements to have one made or is there a supliers somewhere?

Also the 2 bolts with rubber on that push towards your window! are they available as rubber cracked and hard and perished?

Can you send/post on here Any pictures or supply sizes and pics of the sticker as it has been took off and lost :cry:  so need to have one made up?

Sorry to ask all these questions but i need to try and get it as good as knew,but here in the u.k there few and far between :roll:  big_smile
Hers pics!

Drive Safe,Cruise Hard!
Pip from Newquay,Cornwall.U.K

Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

Pip: It sure looks like an original color to me; oftentimes you will see them painted the match the body color of the car they are mounted to. Some models did not have the brace bracket you are referring to; they simply mounted on top of the window glass and had a piece that jambed into the window felt channel at the top of the door, and then clamped to the rain drip channel on the roof.
Are you installing jsut for looks or do you actually plan on using it? Be advised that they work well in low humidity areas (like Arizona) but may not perform in higher humidity regions like the Great Britain. 
Here are some pictures that may help: … _id=209089 … ?id=188562 … ?id=189125 … ?id=179454

This one shows a bracket. Do you think that's what the little tab in the bottom of your photo is for? … eName=WDVW

Thsi one shows another kind of bracket: … eName=WDVW
Maybe you could email the sell and ask for some dimensions. It looks like a rod bent into a V with a threaded ends and a pad to fit the bottom of the door window.

I also seem to recall seeing an ad for someone who was reproducing the Thermador and Firestone decals....maybe a google search:

Good Luck. Clancy

Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

cheers for info,found out a bit more off a bloke in the states who restores them,it is original colour ie not touched and a bonus of being a early Thermador so well happy!
also got info and sticker design now and instructions to make em if i can find a signwiter:)
heres that info:

ive got a swampcooler that needs a new sticker making etc,so can anyone do it as good as original or as near as?
cash waiting for one if you can do it big_smile
measurements are as follows: lenth of sticker @ longest point 15cm long by 3cm @ highest point wink
first pic is a opriginal one on a cooler! as below!

this pic is one done by 'Pantswagen' (cheers mate!) as a demo etc!

Heres his instruction for you signwriters out there!
in your yocal pages, find a signmaker, or a digital printing establishment with a solvent based large format injet printer
-go to them, on their machine, down load that image, then have them print a few off,you will get them on a roll,-upto 5 feet wide, you will have to cut them out by hand, you have to make sure they are printed on gloss vynil -not matte or they will be matte, you don't want to pay more than 25 quid per metre square

some signmakers use thermal machines, these also contour cut
so ask "do you have a gerber edge?"
or a roland pc60/pc600 - this generally is dearer

wet tranfers are what they would have been originally - as quoted
-no one will make 2 screens black/blue for less than 200 quid
-they print the black first, then the blue -in reverse, onto a silicone based liner, which once wet releases the image-the right way around-
this eliminates the necessity to manufacture a die stamp, in effect a blade, following the contours of the image, that is layed over the image and stamped, the machine is similar to the old fashion letter press/printing presses

so buy yourself a scalpel
and some 10a blades

Have a look give me a price cos theres quite a few of us whove got swampcoolers etc but cant paint em cos stickers no one will copy cheap roll
'i aint to proud to beg' wot a tune! big_smile   roll  sos lost me bearings
come on see if you can do it ill spread the word and they aint big so mail me,bell me or post me surely someones good enough to help us gadgetboys out wink

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Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

The Original THERMADOR, FIRESTONE & ALLSTATE Car Window Swamp Coolers were made by Thermador Electric Co. in Los Angeles. THERMADOR sold their coolers to FIRESTONE and ALLSTATE [SEARS] who put on their own decals.  The only difference in the coolers were the DECALS. These were NOT STICKERS, they were WATER SLIDE DECALS. Peel & Stick stickers were not available at the time these coolers were manufactured. The only stickers at this time were gum backed paper like the old lick'm & stick'm Postage Stamps.

I chose to duplicate the FIRESTONE decal because in my opinion it has the best art and the best color of the 3. The original lettering "CAR COOLER" on the Thermador and Firestone Decals was hand lettered, it was not type. On the Firestone Decal "Ride in Cool Comfort" was also hand lettered. The ORIGINAL FIRESTONE COLORS were Reddish Orange & Blue as you can see on an original vintage Firestone product pictured below. I looked at several different original Firestone products in this time period, the colors varied slightly but were all definitely a Reddish Orange & Blue. Also pictured below swamp cooler is the original decal that's on my swamp cooler, it's faded, but check out the lettering.

If you care about the correct decal for your swamp cooler restoration I believe this is as close as your going to get. Includes application instructions PLUS a Krazy Dog Decal to practice with. There are other versions of this decal on the market, none I've seen look authentic. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA. IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES ADD $2.00 SHIPPING FEE. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.         This is the text from my current FIRESTONE DECAL Ebay auction May 26 2006 / 5 days to go. Go to Ebay abd enter Item number: 4642906359

If you are looking for a swamp cooler for your car, Ebay is the place to look. Look at both current auctions and completed items. There are many different kinds plus you will get an idea of cost. The lower the humidity the better they work. At the best they will lower the outside temp about 15 to 20 degrees. I believe the earlier coolers didn't come with the support bracket. I think the earlier ones had two cords as the later ones were spring loaded with only one cord.

If you miss my Ebay auction you can email me direct. Hope this answers some questions. Price and Shipping might change. As I just started to reproduce these.

Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

Forgot to give the price for the FIRESTONE DECAL posted earlier. It's $15.00 US dollars.

Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

they work well in low humidity areas like Arizona, but may not perform in higher humidity regions like the Great Britain so it is affected with the high humidity...

Crawl space dehumidifier

Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

fancrawl wrote:

they work well in low humidity areas like Arizona, but may not perform in higher humidity regions like the Great Britain so it is affected with the high humidity...

Crawl space dehumidifier

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Re: need info or help on swampcoolers please?

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